Message in a Bottle

An August night,
even the ships are sleeping tonight
but we remain awake.

My attention sails
between my friend’s voices
carried on by the cold wind of summer.

There are no moles here!

Life spreads for all sides.
It’s in the comet tails that carries
my unvoiced wishes.
It’s on our laughs, unveiled treasures spilt
into night darkness.

Suddenly a bottle, a pen and an old napkin.

I feel the language of my dreams
flowing through a fertile soil,
carrying all semantics within itself.

I feel the weight of possibilities
and the unspoken words floating motionless.
The small vessel sinks into Gdansk’s sea
as the sound of cars and birds
mixed and lost in itself.
Thousands of houses painted in the distance,
hidden by its own light.

Rafael L. Toscano

About This Poem

I wrote this poem after a trip I made with some polish friends to the northern Poland (Gdańsk, Jurata, Hel, etc). After a night of partying, we decided to end our night on the beach. We had two of those small bottles of vodka and decided to write some messages. I took one of these bottles and one of my friends took another.

I isolated myself from them a little bit and started thinking about a small phrase that represented what I was feeling in that moment. After thinking for a while, my thoughts travelled through everything I was feeling at that moment and I wrote the phrase that served as the seed of this poem.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much I enjoyed writing.

See you on the next post :).

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